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Old world, romantic craftsmanship with a nod to today’s fashion and culture.


Collections from the most
popular brands in the world.
We’ve partnered with the
brands that you want most.


From the beautiful mind of
Nicholaus Wolenhaupt.
A beautiful craftsman designing
and building inspired by you.


Breathing new life into
pieces from the past.
We enjoy the collaboration
with previous jewelers.

Number One Number Two JEWELRY SAW This is where most projects start. After the first cut, you're all in. The only option now is to move forward and create. The first cut is a great symbol of the commitment that is jewelry. Number Three MICROTORCH From extreme heat comes purification. Be it sizing, casting, repairing or new creations, it is one of the most used and versatile tools. The torch gives me a craftsman's lineage and connection going back thousands of years. Number Four LOUPE MAGNIFIER Deep magnification, although practical and necessary on many levels, also allows a unique intimacy with each piece. Number Five JEWELRY FILE The workhorse of all the tools is the file. A full arsenal of sizes, cuts, and shapes are essential from the initial rough shaping to the refining of final contours.