nicholaus jewelry and design | hutchinson, kansas

38.050138 -97.932321 | 119 S Main St

“i get to create with no restriction. build these pieces that will become important memories for people. it’s the best job on the planet.”


It was never really a career choice. I joke a lot about the jewelry business finding me. It is in my blood. My uncle is a jeweler. A great one. I actually work at the very same workbench he did, when he started his own shop. He and I are a lot alike, we see culture and community in our work. We appreciate the fact that people choose to allow us to be part of their most intimate moments. They allow us to create for them.

I love having our small shop. It is exactly us, who we are, and what we care about. Even as we continue to see success on a larger scale, we will always have this little shop.

I am grateful for the folks before us, customer of now, and the appeal of creating pieces that last lifetimes. This is the greatest job on the planet.

I am thankful.